Pantry Labels Pre-pack of 35 – Glam


We have put together a list of 35 of the most frequently used labels for your pantry. Where we believe you may have more than one canister, we have added more than one. Each label is sized so that they will fit onto all of our sized canisters.

The labels are made out of vinyl ( with no background) . They come on transfer tape/ low adhesive tape that allows for an easy application.

Please note you will need to cut out the labels yourself. They come on a sheet.


35 words

Breakfast, 3 x Cereal, Brown sugar, White sugar, Crackers, 3 x Biscuits, Dried fruit, Cake flour, Self-rising flour, Maizena, Oats, Grains, Lentils, Beans, 3 x Nuts, 3 x Pasta, 2 x Sweets, 2 x Chocolate, Rice, Oats, Salt, Basmati Rice, Tastic Rice, Brown Rice, Couscous


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